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Three Days In New York City

Author: Robin Slick
Genre: Erotic Romance
Reviewed by: Susan DiPlacido

Cover ArtForty-year-old Elizabeth is a frustrated artist turned corporate lawyer. She’s in a dead marriage, and her children are ready to fly off to college. So she boards a train, leaving behind her sports obsessed husband for a three-day tryst in New York City with a colleague from the London offices of her firm.

Elizabeth and Richard, her self-assured and highly polished lover for the weekend, have been planning this affair for years, ever since they worked a case together and struck up a friendly-cum-naughty e-mail relationship. But this will be the first time they meet in person. On the train, Elizabeth’s anticipation is balanced by her nervousness, both of which get turned up notches higher when Richard calls her on the way and tempts her even more.

Elizabeth has been playing the part of the sex-vixen online with Richard, and she’s terrified he’s going to discover that she’s really a tame, married woman. But these aren’t Elizabeth’s only doubts and insecurities. And as her weekend with Richard unfolds, not only in a hot and sexy fashion, but also in a shower of comedic mishaps, Elizabeth is forced to confront her true inner desires regarding the direction of her life.

This was a steamy read, for sure. But it was also touching and humorous. Elizabeth is a charming lead – a strong and vibrant woman who’s finally starting to look for a life for herself after a lifetime of caring for her family. And she’ll pull you along and show the reader the city, and herself, in this tantalizing first novel by Robin Slick.


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I second the review of Three Days, as a fellow Phaze author. :-)

Posted by: Leigh | Mar 7, 2005 12:50:07 PM

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